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Oriole Global Health is deeply engaged with Ministries of Health to ensure health programmes continue to be successfully delivered during the pandemic and that the impacts of COVID-19 are mitigated. Our team of leading epidemiologists and programme experts are providing quality analysis and technical advice directly to health teams within national health departments and their implementing partners.


ASCEND’s experiences and lessons from East Africa and Asia

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing


Illustrative simulation of COVID-19 spread in the UK. The dark line is the central estimate. The shaded yellow area represents the 95% credible interval, given uncertainty in the model parameters from published measurements. The inset histograms show the uncertainty around estimates of the reproduction number Rt and the epidemic growth rate rt in the week before the first lock down in March 2020. The figure illustrates how the considerable uncertainty about epidemiological parameter values impacts on estimates of Rt and rt and forecasts of the daily incidence.

Recent Lancet publications of company chairman, Professor Sir Roy Anderson FRS, FMedSci, showcase the importance of epidemiological analysis in the fight against Covid-19. Notably said publications bring light to vaccine distribution strategies, offering reference point for decision-making, so very pertinent at this point in global and national pandemic response. 

OGH competencies, spanning research, analysis and programme delivery, have been applied through effective collaboration with ministries of health in Africa and Asia. By helping health programmes to adapt delivery and safeguard against the transmission of Covid-19, our work has allowed health interventions, notably those focusing of Neglected Tropical Diseases, to resume safely and continue critical outreach across society. Such efforts are a key feature in the limiting of secondary impacts of Covid-19 and our team has been engaged in generating lessons learned with our implementing partners and ministries. 

Our intimate knowledge and experience working with national governments, has allowed tailored support for governments and their partners to pivot existing health interventions to provide Covid-19 specific services. Successes of our work include; analysis of policy and institutional responses to Covid-19; development and application of Covid-19 Risk Assessments; adaptation of Neglected Tropical Disease programme implementation; and design and rollout of Covid-19 interventions ranging from Health Clinic Readiness to Health Messaging. 

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