Oriole Global Health offer a suite of tailored services to enhance the ability of our clients to provide effective and cost-efficient global health programmes. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop products, services and solutions that are responsive to their needs and offer impact, efficiency and long term sustainability. Our consultants’ track record for delivering pragmatic evidence-base support is backed by expertise and knowledge drawn from extensive experience working across the education, agricultural, political and health sectors.

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Oriole’s expertise spans epidemiological laboratory and clinical research, motivated by a strong belief in the role of quantitative evidence-based health research to support policy formulation and improve decision making in public health programmes.


Our research and data teams have a strong background in clinical trial design, ranging from vaccine trials, microbicide research, vector control, pharmaceutical research and drug development, project management and patient plus population monitoring. 


Oriole Global Health, through the ASCEND programme  spearheaded a variety of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) related projects in developing countries aimed at knowledge transfer to support the identification of research priorities in COVID-19 serosurveillance, diagnostics, contact tracing, health care workers protection, healthcare system capacity, and behavioural studies of the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions. The company has employed its expertise in advising on the design of forthcoming mass vaccination to protect against SARS-CoV-2.


Through our existing relationships with both Ministries of Health in Asia and Africa, and pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines, Oriole Global health is the ideal go-to consultancy company to support operational research for the design of practical vaccine distribution in low-and-middle income countries.


We help governments to make informed decisions, improve research uptake, build local research capacity and deliver cost-effective and targeted programmes to improve health and wellbeing. Our experience undertaking robust, peer-reviewed research (Lancet reference) while considering the practical, real-life considerations involved with implementation place OGH at the forefront of scientific rigour and efficient implementation.


Our Health Research services include:

  • Drug and vaccine efficacy trials and the use of clinical trial simulators to optimize design

  • Operational research, including for vaccine distribution

  • Epidemiology studies, surveillance & monitoring applied to a very broad range of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

  • Disease control strategies

  • Database construction, data analysis and interactive visualisation

  • Statistical analysis

  • Mathematical modelling

  • Health economic analysis

  • Social science including behavioural studies

  • Development of new knowledge and products,

  • Supporting health research capacity and the transfer of knowledge for local capacity building

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Oriole Global Health provides the essential bridge between cutting edge science, providing technical solutions and addressing real-world challenges in both developed and developing countries. OGH expertise spans all elements of health service provision. We work with clients to jointly analyse and tailor technical support. Healthcare providers and government agencies benefit from advances in capacity and competence to further reach and impact the sustainability of health interventions.  


Our approach uses tried and tested adaptive toolkits that allow clients to consider innovative solutions to changing needs and the design of solutions to identified challenges at all levels of health policy formulation and programming. OGH seeks to ensure all our clients are able to negotiate barriers to delivering well-targeted and impactful health interventions.  

Our Health System Strengthening services include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of exists health systems

  • Measures of programme sustainability

  • Policy Analysis and Formulation

  • Programme design and cost evaluation

  • Tailored training packages

  • Standard Operating



Oriole Global Health consultants have extensive experience of developing and implementing innovative and cost-effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) programmes to analyse the success of health interventions around the world.

Our monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services are embedded in programme design, from project conception through to implementation. We adopt a science and technology driven approach which employs easy-to-implement methodologies with cost-effective and sustainable data collection and analysis solutions at the forefront. To ensure the sustainability of these M&E systems, we seek to build the local capacity of our clients through training workshops designed to enable stakeholders to develop the skills they need to effectively monitor intervention programmes in terms of health outcomes and cost. Furthermore, we develop tools that are easily transferable by using open-source software where possible, along with resources that are commonly used both within and outside of research settings.


OGH promotes adaptive management during project implementation, using the evidence and learnings from project M&E, to best inform future interventions and policies.


Our MEL methodological approaches are applicable in a wide range of public health problems including infectious disease prevention, school health and nutrition, HIV and COVID-19 control programmes.

Our monitoring and evaluation services include:

  • Programme evaluation design and oversight

  • Programme mid-term and/or end-term reviews, ex-ante evaluations, feasibility studies and impact evaluations

  • Data capture and analysis methods

  • Development of M&E frameworks and strategies, including feedback loops for beneficiaries

  • Theory of change design, logical framework and project management

  • Tool development for collection, reporting and use of programme data

  • Capacity building in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

  • Process and tool design for capturing data and use of project learning through qualitative and quantitative appraisals

  • Development of case studies and learning technical briefs



Innovation and data analytics are at the forefront of Oriole’s approach to solving problems. OGH provides the tools and expertise required to enable clients to make the most of their data to support decision making. Our team of data analysts, statisticians, mathematicians, and software programmers is ideally suited to find bespoke solutions to a wide range of problems and challenges. 


Our offering includes the design, construction, and improvement of data/information systems, the development of interactive visualisation tools/platforms for planning purposes and the dissemination of data and results, as well as the provision of technical support and capacity building. 

Our data services include:

  • Data management from design, collection, analysis and interpretation and reporting of results through publication in peer-reviewed journals

  • Quantitative modelling of control programmes and interventions

  • Geospatial mapping and development of interactive dashboards

  • Database construction and management

  • Clinical trial simulation to optimize design prior to trial implementation

  • The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to extract trends and significant associations from complex data

  • Capacity building and technical assistance including training for program data collection and use through the provision of statistical courses and seminars