Our expertise allows us to provide end-to-end support in design, delivery and analysis of impact, identifying current and future challenges, and formulating robust, scalable and context-specific solutions

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Oriole Global Health supports partners to make informed decisions; improve research and research uptake; and benefit from improved research capacity and knowledge transfer. Our health research includes a range of disciplines, including data collection and analysis, epidemiology, health economics, behavioural and clinical research.

Our services include:

  • Study design and management​: We apply appropriate methodologies to generate high-quality and meaningful evidence for decision-making across settings. We support the management of health research to ensure methodological adherence and ethical compliance.

  • Modelling: We apply machine learning, statistical, and mathematical methods to provide clients with meaningful insights and forecasts. Accurate projections based on robust scientific methods enable more effective and efficient programming. 

  • Analysis and publication: We apply state of the art approaches to quantitative and qualitative analysis for health interventions and investment. Generation and dissemination of study findings and real-world learnings.


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Oriole Global Health applies participatory approaches to optimise the design and delivery of programmes. We provide structured programme assessment and monitoring, evaluation and learning support, which ensures health programmes are accurately measured and policy and strategy development is evidence based.


  • Design and delivery: We provide systematic and facilitated design processes to deliver comprehensive, tailored, and optimised health interventions. We utilise local and international experts to ensure quality service delivery, skills transfer and implementer mentorship.

  • Programme assessment and monitoring, evaluation and learning: We provide structured assessment of health programmes and interventions to determine effectiveness and performance. We develop comprehensive and context specific monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks. ​

  • Policy strategy and development: We work in consultation with clients and broader stakeholders to develop evidence-based, achievable and specific global and national level policies and strategies.


Health Data

Oriole Global Health supports end-to-end development and advancement of data systems and management to enable data-driven decision making. From digital data collection and analysis to real time data interpretation and visualisation, our experts work with clients to ensure effective use of and engagement with health data.


  • Data systems and management: We design, develop and operationalise software for complex systems that improve delivery and allow Data-Driven Decision Making. Our specialists employ and tailor the most up-to-date software, to ensure a user-centred experiences.

  • Data capture, analysis and interpretation: We develop and implement digital data collection tools across operating systems. Our experts support partners to extract meaningful findings from datasets to inform delivery and policy formulation.

  • Data applications and visualisation: We provide backend services to develop intuitive interfaces that allow clients to interact with their data. Our data visualisation capabilities allow technical and non-technical audiences to get the most out of data and explore real time impact of health interventions.