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Richard's work bridges the gap between the company and the regulatory and reimbursement agencies. He has a successful track record in guiding pharmaceutical companies through early treatment development, Phase I, II and III testing, including proof of concept, through to successful registration. His expertise helps companies to manage difficult strategic and scientific issues.​

Richard has over 38 years' experience of working in senior leadership positions across a range of pharmaceutical companies, leading clinical development programmes and regulatory submissions. In this way he has successfully developed numerous antibiotics and antivirals. He is currently an Infectious Disease Expert for Transcipt, a company which supports the development and lifecycle management of biopharmaceutical products.

Richard was VP at SmithKline Beecham from 1991-1999, in charge of Global Anti-infective Clinical Development, resulting in over 15 successful New Drug and Marketing Authorisation Applications. During this time he helped launch Famvir/penciclovir, Bactroban and Augmentin BD. Following a role as Chief Scientist to the microbicide company Biosyn he joined Chiron as VP and Clinical Director Europe. He was involved in the set-up of the EU part of the company and the successful Marketing Authorisation Application for Cubicin. In May 2007, he joined  Viropharma as VP Clinical Director Europe and was involved in the setup of the EU company and the EU transplant maribivir phase 3 studies.

Richard has been a member of various working parties of the BSAC, ESCMID, European Union Grant Committee, EFPIA, IFPMA, EMA guidelines, Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Surgical Infection Society (US) and the working party of the WHO on Bacterial Resistance as well as a consultant to the office of AIDS Research NIH US.

Richard has been a non-executive director of three start-up pharma companies.

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