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Investing for Impact


The growing demand for carefully designed and selected investments, which offer improvements to people’s lives, the environment and society, is generating evidence for the true impact potential of transformative investment. Most notably, this shift stands to unlock significant funding able to address the gap in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Over the past 20 years investor trends have increasingly prioritised investments that realise social and environmental outcomes in addition to competitive financial returns. 


OGH applies cutting edge scientific methods to project and measure impact of transformative investments. Working with the private sector, governments, and philanthropic funds, our work has centred on ensuring investment decisions are grounded on high quality analysis. Our global network of topflight academic and industry experts brings robustness and rigour to analysis of future, existing and past investments.


OGH has a track record in providing technical support across the broader health sector, throughout the value chain of impact investing.

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