Jane Lillywhite,

Jane Lillywhite has over 30 years of experience of global health research. With a background in parasitology and immunology, Jane began her career at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine developing tools for the diagnoses of tropical diseases. She then moved to the Parasite Epidemiology Research group at Imperial College refining and using these serological techniques to investigate the immuno-epidemiology of parasitic infections.


Prior to joining OGH, Jane was the Managing Director of the Partnership for Child Development at Imperial College London where she oversaw large programmes from organisations including, the World Bank, the World Food Programme, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Projects ranged from assessing the impact of school health initiatives to home grown school feeding programmes. She also led the internationally renowned School Health and Nutrition Training course in both Africa and Asia that brought together leading experts in the field to strengthen the capacity of governments and their development partners to implement effective school health and nutrition programmes.

Currently, alongside her work with OGH, she is a member of the Leadership Team of the London Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease Research.